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The Cheetahs are struggling…

It is 1921. There is a lack of food and water and threats around every corner. Reliant on Chaka, a young adolescent cheetah, to provide for them. The odds are against them.

How are they going to survive? What can they do to ensure their future?

Chad, a senior cheetah, has an idea…

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Meet The Author

Meet Philip

Hello there! I’m a runner and a writer who loves telling stories, having fun and taking on new challenges.

Having run marathons for a number of years, written the Cheetah Cub Running Club book series, and traveled to many countries in the world, I am a huge advocate for living a happy and healthy life, focusing on our well being, with exercise at its heart.

I know what it’s like to be at school and to not do something because you care what others think. But I believe any one can build your confidence and have fun by consistently enjoying exercise and expressing your creativity, on a daily basis. That’s what the Cheetah Cub Running Club is all about!

I believe in YOU! and I believe you have something within you to share with the world and make it a better place. Express your creativity, believe in yourself and no matter if you’ve never done it before, let’s get active!

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