Welcome to
The Cheetah Cub Running Club

Enjoy Exercise, Believe in Yourself and Express your Creativity!

Do you know this feeling?

  • It’s PE day and you really don’t fancy it
  • You want to get involved in an activity but don’t have the self confidence to do so, or know where to start
  • You want to be part of an uplifting, fun community of likeminded people
  • You want to help others and learn about the world, people, and the environment.

It all starts with action!

Taking the first step to learn something new can provide you with confidence.
Enjoying your time taking part in exercise can help you feel better.

You Fear LESS EACH SMALL STEP that you take towards any goal.

Sharing your art, writing, music, coding, whatever you are interested, in can help inspire others.

Learning about the world, people and the environment can help provide greater awareness and understanding how we can help others.

A great first step is….

The Cheetah Cub Running Club

Become a Cheetah Clubber!

The Cheetah Cub: 
  • Encourages exercise in a fun way
  • Celebrates your uniqueness as something to be proud of!
  • Provides ideas and tips for how to get started in running, writing, art or any creative pursuit
  • Promotes positive values
  • Supports diversity, being of service and caring for the environment

The Cheetah Cub Running Club is a place where everybody is welcome.

Are You Ready to Meet The Cheetah Cub Running Club?

Dive in for fun, adventure, tips and information on all things running, confidence and creativity!

Rory, Stella, Chiku, Elon, Raz and the rest of the club are waiting for you!