The American Adventure starts with adversity…

A hero kidnapped, a circus master gone rogue, and a chase across America!

Chiku, The Cheetah Club leader is imprisoned! Thousands of miles from home, without any means of communication. Where is her captor taking her? Can he be stopped before he causes more chaos and carnage?

A cross country adventure for children aged seven to 10.

Chiku’s captor, a circus master with a bitter past, is determined to get rich, and doesn’t care what damage he does in the process. He’s taken many animals for his circus against their will and they need help and fast!

Can The Cheetah Club Running Club rescue the vulnerable circus animals before they are forced to perform? Will they be able to protect their compromised network and community?

The team’s search takes them across America, culminating in Boston, where they must draw on the past to save the future.