Meet The Characters!

Find out more about your favourite Cheetah Club members!

'Rapid' Rory

Meet Rory. Everything that Rory does, he does with speed. All tackled like a racing car careering into the pits to change its tires in record time. 

Now Rory’s approach to life has its benefits. He is never late, and is determined to be first in line, always. He brings life to any room he enters, and he LOVES, just LOVES being outdoors and yes, you guessed it, running, jumping, kicking, leaping, throwing, wrestling, bouncing and cheering till his lungs are empty.


It makes him feel free, strong and energised in more ways than one. Like a bird zipping through the wind with no particular direction or intention on destination. Free from any concerns or worries, Free from difficult circumstances. Just FREE!

He regularly reminds himself of what his PE Teacher Jodie said to him; “Rory, just as you have got better at running through your consistent effort and practice, you can get better at anything you set your mind to. You are competing against no one else but yourself. Do your best each day in what ever you do, live in the moment and have fun”

'Speedy' Stella

Meet Stella. Stella’s calm and quiet demeanour hides her competitive spirit and heart of a warrior. 

She thrives on challenges, launching into action whenever the need arises to the surprise of others. Do not underestimate Stella, as many have done in the past. She is a great judge of character, extremely grounded and wary of strangers. You have to work hard to earn Stella’s trust but when you have done so you will have a close friend for life.

Stella and Rory became friends in class through their mutual love of running. ‘Speedy’ Stella is just as happy enjoying a fun trail run while chatting with friends or racing with Rory (winning a good number of times!)

Stella wants to run a business helping less fortunate children and animals when she’s older.

Stella first appears in book two: The Great Fox Chase!


Meet Chiku. Chiku is a resilient, adventurous cheetah cub who was born to lead. In fact she is verging on becoming an adolescent at 18 months old (the equivalent of a human teenager).

As with most cheetahs born in the wild, Chiku’s upbringing has been tough. Many Cheetah cubs do not survive to adulthood. Chiku had to flee for safety at 3 months old, when a rival pack attacked her father. She fortunately met Chidinma, the founder of the Cheetah Cub Running Club, who knew her mother, and has treated her like one of her own ever since.

Chiku loves running at top speed and is grateful to be one of the fastest mammals in the world. She cherishes her time running around the track or in the savannahs with her friends.

She has recently been made the leader of the running club race and rescue team and prides herself on keeping the Cheetah Cub Running Club values at the heart of everything she does and, whilst welcoming anyone into the club, being sure they do so too.


Meet Elon.

Elon radiates strength and power, which is complemented by his charismatic wit and humour. Underneath Elon’s thick skin is a gentleness and kindness represented by his drive to learn and teach, which he strives to do on a daily basis.

Elon has not always been so service minded. He was very rebellious in his early years, causing havoc and destruction wherever he went.

Then a life changing event made him reflect on his life and he decided there and then he was to have exciting, yet honourable goals, and give back to the animal world he was blessed to be a part of.

Elon entered the secret city following a long pilgrimage across Africa, having heard rumours that such a place existed.
On arrival he proved himself by offering his services for free to help build and protect the city and help other animals.

Within days he was welcomed in with open arms and is a crucial member of the team.


Meet Raziya, known to her friends as Raz.

Raz is a true team player. Unable to stay still, her infectious positive outlook energises anyone who has the pleasure of her company.

Coming from a family of Rhinos who cared more for chilling in a lake than pounding forward with urgency, she knew she had to find a place where her vibrancy and zest for life would be appreciated and could be put to the value and service of others.

It was through Wilma and Wembe Warthog that Raz found the Cheetah Cub Running Club. Wandering by a waterhole, Wilma slipped and fell head first into the water. Raz heard the commotion and instinctively swan to save Wilma from the grasp of a hungry crocodile. Raz carried the shocked and soddened Warthogs back to their desired location.

Ever since then, Raz has lived in the secret city and within a few weeks became an honorary member of the Cheetah Cub Running Club.