An energetic and entertaining story of friendship, adventure and discovery for 7-9 year old’s.

During a conservation trip to Africa with his father, Rory discovers a secret city run by a group of animals whose habitat is under threat from the Heavenly Hyenas. Rory must work with the animals, known collectively as the Cheetah Cub Running Club, to protect the city from their arch enemies.

Will they survive?

Can Rory and the Cheetah Cub Running Club beat the Hyenas in a race to keep the keys to the city?

Join Rapid Rory on his speedy adventure to uncover the secrets and values of the Cheetah Cub Running Club in his goal to become the newest member of the team!

  • Introducing the characters of Rapid Rory, Chiku (a cheetah cub), Raziya ( a rhino) and Elon (an elephant) who form a strong bond through dealing with adversity and their mutual love of running.
  • Based in the vibrant African savannahs of South Africa and Botswana
  • A wonderful gift to entertain and inspire young readers