CCRC2 front cover


The Great Fox Chase continues the Cheetah Cub Running Club Series.

Back in London, ‘Rapid Rory’ is in a race against time.

Following his local weekly Parkrun race, Rory finds out Snuggles the poodle is missing. He teams up with his friend Stella and the Cheetah Cub Running Club in an attempt to track Snuggles down and return him safely.

Journeying from London to Oxford, and onto Japan, the team follow the clues that lead them to believe Snuggles has been kidnapped by a group of foxes.

Will they be able to find the pampered poodle?

What do the foxes want with a pet pooch?

Join Rapid Rory and Speedy Stella as they dash along with the Chiku, Raz and Elon of the Cheetah Cub Running Club on their daring detective mission to protect Snuggles and the future of the dog community as a whole.