The Cheetah Cub Values

Guiding principles for Cheetah Club members 

Just taking one step forward in facing any challenge takes courage.

The Cheetah Club are courageous when they face up to the bullying Heavenly Hyenas in book one of The Cheetah Cub Running Club. Elon is courageous facing his fear of the river, Rory shows courage in attempting a cave rescue.

Wilma and Wembe warthog were courageous joining the running club. Stella is courageous in book two when she challenges the opinions of others when she feels something isn’t quite right.

Courage takes many forms. All as worthy as each other.

Cheetah Clubbers look to find ways to help others every day. The Cheetah Cub Running Club regularly help by rescuing animals in need. 

Being supportive, encouraging and kind to others, helping someone do a chore, listening to someone who needs to talk. Helpfulness can come in all shapes and sizes. When you help someone it can be very fulfilling.

Regular exercise that increases your heart rate will have many health benefits and make you feel happier. Make exercise one of your daily habits. Running is a great option, however it could be as simple as 20 star jumps each day to start with.  Track your progress and build up over time.  You will be surprised how much improvement can be made over time with small consistent steps.

Cheetah Clubbers are conscious to minimise their impact on the environment. They recognise we live on the world’s greatest planet and have the responsibility to protect and look after it for future generations.  

Protecting the environment and supporting conservation efforts will give the best opportunity of a sustainable future for the world and the plants, animals and humans that inhabit it.

Doing something as a team is a lot of fun!   Having a goal that you all work together to achieve is very satisfying. Encourage and support other team members  and help keep the team on track by regularly checking in on each other.  There may be times when keeping the consistent habits or energetic exercise is hard, or you do not want to do it.  These are the times having friends and teammates around you will make a huge difference.

Having a positive attitude is a game changer. You in control of how you interpret any situation and what you say to yourself has a big impact on how you feel and what you do.

You are in control of your actions and by taking action you can change how you feel and make progress. Consider right now, what is the one thing you could do RIGHT NOW that would move you towards your goal? write it down. Now do it!

Looking after your health means looking after your body and mind and is important to provide you with the launchpad for anything you want to do on a given day or in your life. 

Cheetah Clubbers eat nutritious food, get good sleep and check in on themselves and each other on  a daily basis.

Express yourself and let your imagination and ideas come to life. Share your creativity with the world. Whether it be singing, poetry, dance, a business idea, a sports team – try new things, have fun, just enjoy it and be true to yourself.
All of us at CCRC would love to know which is your favourite value and help us by sending in your pictures or experiences from being a C.H.E.E.T.A.H in your daily lives.

Cheetah Clubbers are aligned in serving others and making the world a better place.

Their bond is strong and is built on trust. By keeping accountable to each other, and themselves, Cheetah Clubbers know they can rely on the group whenever they need it. This unity allows for an open culture welcoming all comers and showing them a path of friendship and hope going forwards

Cheetah Clubbers believe they can achieve anything on a long enough timeline by determining the skills they need to acquire, and being relentless and disciplined, in acquiring the skills.

They believe in progress over perfection and only doing things that move them towards their goals. 

They believe they are in control of their mind and habits so are at peace with the outcome as they have controlled their effort, conviction and execution.

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